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Letter from Dr. Kanayama

Dear prospective patients,
Medicine is both "Science and Art". There is a constant need for new techniques and discoveries to improve the quality of our endometriosis patients' lives. While such scientific advances and innovations are necessary for precise treatment of this complex disease, more importantly, it is the art of medicine that brings hope, faith, and radical healing to our patients. Years ago I was fortunate enough to be exposed to this art of medicine during my gynecology specialty training at the Mayo Clinic. Since then I witnessed miracles happening and many of my patients were healed, restored and their lives transformed. Our culture was built upon this rich heritage of success in treating endometriosis patients. 

Here at New York Endometriosis Center, I believe the complete treatment of endometriosis involves not only skillful, meticulous, deep excisions of the disease, but also the inner healing of the whole patient based upon compassion and love for our neighbors.

I find an inspiration in these words inscribed at the base of the Christus Consolator statue, a Great Physician who healed many, at the entrance of the Johns Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore, MD: 
"Come unto Me, all ye that are weary and heavy laden. And I will give you Rest." (Matthew, 11:3)

All over the world so many women are suffering from endometriosis and its related symptoms, such as pain and infertility. My mission for my endometriosis patients is as follows: 1. to precisely diagnose the disease and its extent at the earliest stage possible; 2. to effectively excise to the deepest layer of the disease by the most advanced laparoscopic techniques and to restore normal reproductive functions for health and pregnancy; 3. to understand the patient's true need and to provide treatment of the whole patient - mind, body and spirit.

Please do not hesitate to contact me directly by phone or e-mail with any questions. We are here to help you.

Welcome aboard,

Dr. Kanayama


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